Levitation: Immune (Book 3)

Levitation: Immune (Book 3)


He has one mission. To find her.

Fifteen-year old Nic McCready finds himself in a new world, a place that is rid of the once menacing FootSoldier drones and Commander Cullen’s sadistic Tele-training facility that was known as The Compound. But not all is well for Nic and his older brother, Rollins. A new evil has emerged. Violent tribes have taken over the land and they will stop at nothing to have ultimate control.

In the third and final installment of the Levitation series, Nic and Rollins find themselves on a mission to rescue one of their own—Ria Farris. Nic knows that deep down, he will do whatever he can to get Ria back safely, even if that means putting his own life on the line. New friends, and some unexpected familiar faces, help Nic rise to the challenge to stop those who wish the nation and its citizens harm.

Does Nic have what it takes to be the hero once again, defeat this new evil, and bring Ria home? Or will his luck finally run out?

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